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The No.1 UK app for calculating your Feed-in-Tariff and Return on Investment (ROI) for a Solar PV system

For anyone considering making a Solar PV investment of £5,000 or more for their roof, this worthwhile application will demonstrate the paybacks they could receive based on the current Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Feed in Tariff (FIT) figures for a Solar PV system.

Using the latest calculation methods for determine the solar radiation likely to fall on your solar array, Solar Payback gives you year-on-year returns for up to 25 years (beyond the 20 year FIT scheme).

With rich features such as allowances for panel degradation, RPI and fuel inflation, the system gives a comprehensive breakdown of the expected returns for a solar system.

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Professional Payback and Analysis Software for the UK Public and the Solar Industry

✔ UK Solar Analysis

iSolarPayback is THE application for anyone who wants to see how much payback they will receive from the current generous UK Feed-in-Tariff for Solar PV Panels.

✔ Ideal For Anyone

With the basic version you can instantly see what payback you are likely to get and even cross check figures from installers to ensure they are quoting correctly.

✔ Perfect For Installers

Purchase iSolarPayback and the Pro upgrade to be able to create customised and personalised presentations as well as build a database of your preferred inverters and panels with varying degradation rates.
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Solar Payback calculates year-on-year returns for a Photovoltaic Solar Panel System
- includes allowance for maintenance costs and loan repayments

Solar Payback will calculate the amount of electricity likely to be generated for a given system
- takes into account roof angle, aspect, region (not Lite) and shading

Solar Payback will calculate the Feed-in-tariff payments over a 20 year lifetime and the ultimate income for up to 25 years
- makes adjustments for year-on-year panel degradation in line with MCS requirements

Solar Payback will calculate the amount of electricity exported and income gained from that export
- exported amount can be easily modified

Solar Payback will calculate the likely savings in electricity used by you and the savings gained by using the power your panels generate
- automatically allows for annual adjustments to feed in tariff rates and electricity price rises

Solar Payback will allow for ongoing inflation and fuel inflation which is predicted to rise at a record rate in the coming years
- individual configuration of RPI and electricity inflation rate is easily adjustable

Solar Payback computes for dual array systems
- allows input of split systems for (say) East/West roofs

Feed in Tariff rates are configurable
- allows for government changes to policy

Full range of data charts
- by upgrading to the Pro version, an extensive range of statistical charts can configured

Alternative calculations
- using iSolarPayback's yield calculations, alternative data and payback charts can be illustrated to town-level accuracy
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With over 30 years of computer development experience and 5 years of hands-on installation experience of renewable products, Alphatronix are the number one development company for mobile apps for use by renewable installation professionals.
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Our intention is to bring quality mobile apps to the renewable industry. We produce general and bespoke B2B apps for sales and installation companies wishing to bring a professional edge

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