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The No.1 UK app for calculating your Renewable Heat Incentive income and Return on Investment (ROI) for a Biomass system

For anyone considering making the large investment of a biomass boiler system for heating their property, this worthwhile application will demonstrate the paybacks they could receive based on the current Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment system.

This system will calculate likely paybacks over 7 or 20 years for domestic or commercial installations, giving the point of positive return and ongoing income, resulting in a viable investment by using the latest biomass technology to create heat. With comprehensive data spreadsheets and payback statistical charts, iBiomass is the perfect app for sales-teams, installers or members of the public who wish to see their likely returns-on-investment.

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Professional Payback and Analysis Software for the UK Public and the Renewables/Biomass Industry

The essential app for installers or sales-teams who wish to see how an investment will perform over the lifetime of the UK's new and unique Renewable Heat Incentive.

✔ Designed for the RHI

iBiomass is THE application for anyone who wants to see how much payback they will receive from the new and unique Renewable Heat Incentive for the U.K.

✔ Ideal For Anyone

With the basic version you can instantly see what payback you are likely to get and even cross check figures from installers to ensure they are quoting correctly.

✔ Perfect For Installers

Purchase iBiomass and the Pro upgrade to be able to create customised and personalised presentations as well as being able to add your own logo to your own logo and share them with other apps.
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iBiomass calculates year-on-year returns for a Biomass Boiler System
- includes allowance for maintenance costs and loan repayments

iBiomass will calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) over the 7 years lifetime (or 20 year if a commercial installation) with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
- Also, see how the investment continues to give positive returns beyond the incentive lifetime by up to five years

Simple to use heat-calculator
- Using your existing heating bill as a starting point, see your actual heat demands or input the figures from your Energy Performance Certificate.

See the huge Co2 savings that can be achieved by switching to bio-fuels

Print and share your reports for record purposes or demonstrate to others the savings and income a biomass system can produce.

Renewable Heat Incentive rates are configurable
- allows for government changes to policy

Full range of data charts
- by upgrading to the Pro version, an extensive range of statistical charts can configured
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With over 30 years of computer development experience and 5 years of hands-on installation experience of renewable products, Alphatronix are the number one development company for mobile apps for use by renewable installation professionals.
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Our intention is to bring quality mobile apps to the renewable industry. We produce general and bespoke B2B apps for sales and installation companies wishing to bring a professional edge

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