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  • Customer contact management.
  • Remote roof measurement.
  • Drag and drop roof design.
  • MCS shading analysis.
  • Image rendering for customer's roof.
  • Survey photo feature.
  • Document creation.
  • Links to iSolarPayback for ROI payback spreadsheets.
Check out the very latest and greatest Solar-PV app designed specifically for the Solar-PV industry. SunLink, the perfect database contact management and Solar-PV design tool specifically created to partner the hugely popular iSolarPayback.

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  • For iPhone AND iPad.
  • Remote roof measurement.
  • Suitable for Solar-PV installers and roofers.
  • Drag and drop roof design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Speedy location and measurement.
  • Document creation.
  • Easy sharing and printing of documents.
The quick and easy to use app for solar installers and roofers. RoofSnoop makes remote roof measurement simple with the all-new app from iSolarApps.

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The No. 1 Professional Payback and Analysis Software for the UK Public and the Solar Industry

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The No. 1 Payback and Analysis Software for the Public and the Renewables/Biomass Industry

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who we are
With over 30 years of computer development experience and 5 years of hands-on installation experience of renewable products, Alphatronix are the number one development company for mobile apps for use by renewable installation professionals.
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Contact us
Telephone: +44 (0)7941 385397
Email: support@isolarapps.com
what we do
Our intention is to bring quality mobile apps to the renewable industry. We produce general and bespoke B2B apps for sales and installation companies wishing to bring a professional edge

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